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Caiazza & Partners International Law Firm is committed to human rights protection both in consulting activity and litigation before any court of justice, including the European Court of Human Rights. Besides the assistance to individuals, to foundations and to nonprofit associations, our consulting activity is intended to advise companies on the topics of Business & Human Rights, Ethics in Business and Corporate Social Responsibility.
Business enterprises have the responsibility to respect human rights of individuals and communities in which they operate. This principle is recognized both internationally and within the European Union.
In the modern context of economic globalization business enterprises risk to be involved, directly or indirectly, with adverse human rights impacts. The specific areas of risk relate principally to the production phase, to all contractual relationships (supply chain, sales etc.), to employment practices and to relationships with local authorities.
This kind of responsibility applies to all enterprises regardless of their size, sector, operational context, ownership and structure. Nevertheless, the scale and complexity of the means through which enterprises meet that responsibility may vary according to different factors and with the severity of the enterprise's adverse human rights impacts.
In order to meet these needs within the UN were endorsed the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights that Implemented the United Nations “Protect, Respect and Remedy” Framework.
In order to identify, prevent, mitigate and account for how they address their adverse human rights impacts, business enterprises should carry out a human rights due diligence. Conducting appropriate human rights due diligence should help companies to address reputational risks and legal claims. Caiazza & Partners is advising its clients on the correct interpretation of the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, on the revised OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, and on how to conduct a proper human rights due diligence within different industrial and entrepreneurial sectors.
Human rights has become an increasingly prominent aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The European Commission's new policy on CSR recognizes the need for enterprises to integrate human rights concerns in their operations and business strategies.
Social responsibility is a factor of growth, stability and especially innovation that provides a long-term competitive advantage for a company.
Caiazza & Partners International Law Firm provides consulting to companies and business networks (reti di impresa) for the creation and improvement of a code of conduct (complying with the law on liability of companies, D.lgs. 231/2001), and for sustainability reports.

Should you wish to discuss the Guiding Principles, Human Rights Impact Assessment, Human Rights Due Diligence, or any related topic with us, please contact Giacomo Maria Cremonesi using the following e-mail address:

Avv. Giacomo Maria Cremonesi

Born in Milan in 1982.

European Master's Degree in Human Rights and Democratisation (E.MA) at EIUC (European Inter–University Centre) and Maastricht University (NL).
Teaching and researching assistant of Human Rights at Università Cattolica di Milano.
(from 2009 up to now)
Traineeship at ECRi within the Directorate General of Human Rights and Legal Affairs of the Council of Europe.
Master's Degree in Law at Università Cattolica di Milano in academic year 2007/2008.

Languages: Italian, English, French, Greek.

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